Teklagraf specialise in the supply of Aluminium labels to the Defence Industry which are supported with high performance plastic labels.

Serial & NSN Numbered Labels. Teklagraf can provide a Mil Spec Anodised Aluminium labels in a range of thicknesses with variable data on each label. These labels are also available in Laminated Polyester or Vinyl.
Single or small quantities can be produced quickly to customer’s drawings which may be irregular shapes and have various cut outs.
MOD Record Labels Standard Fighting Vehicle (FV) labels can be supplied as well as application specific designs in metal or plastic materials.
Barcode Labels Linear and 2D barcodes can be printed onto Anodised Aluminium and Plastic labels. The barcode format can be to standard codes or to the Mil Spec or ATA 2000 requirements.
Quickmark Labels Quickmark is a label that has the printing sandwiched between a Vinyl or Aluminium base and a polyester top layer. The product has been aprroved and used in Aerospace and Marine applications. This product was originally the 3M Dynamark Label material.