The following label materials are available from Teklagraf.

Metal labels Labels can be supplied in Anodised Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Brass materials in differing thicknesses.
Quantities can be from as little as 1 off with or without adhesive and to customers drawings.
Plastic labels Labels can be supplied individually or on rolls to suit the customers requirement.
Materials such as Polycarbonate, self adhesive Vinyl and Polyester are some of the more common materials used.
A vast range of colours are available for these materials and the final product can be supplied in various shapes with cut outs.
Laminate Labels We can supply in small or large quantities coloured laminate labels in several thicknesses and various materials.
Indoor and outdoor application materials are available plus a range of metallic and marble effect backgrounds.
This range of product can be used to produce general information signage, door signs, badges etc.
Quickmark Labels Quickmark is a label that has the printing sandwiched between a Vinyl or Aluminium base and a polyester top layer.
The product has been used in Aerospace and Marine applications. This product was originally the 3M Dynamark Label material.